We have several different programs available for students of all ages.  Take a look at what we have to offer.  
Our Programs
Blue Ridge Tae Kwon Do
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."  Lao Tzu

Smiling, sweating and learning!
Junior Black Belt Leadership Program
This program is built on the belief that all kids have the capability of being winners in life.  We team up with parents to help children set goals for positive growth at home, at school and in the martial arts.  Working together, we  help children  find success in all areas of life and develop a non-quitting spirit.  There are three core principles we strive for in each child: respect, discipline and self-control.  You will be amazed to watch your child become healthier, more confident and respectful of themselves and others.
Academic Achiever and character development programs are also an integral part of the Juniors program.
Fantastic Family Fitness Program
This program recognizes the needs of active families.  Blue Ridge Tae Kwon Do is a family oriented school and a number of families team up to enjoy of the benefits offered in this program.  Parents and children can work together in an environment of mutual respect  while improving their fitness and learning  martial arts skills.  We continue to emphasize the three core principles of respect, discipline and self-control; while expanding our focus on improving flexibility, strength and stamina.  You and your family will experience a lot of fun and excitement participating in this program.
Adult Peak Performer Program
This program is loved by adults who find the stress relief aspects as well as the emphasis on a balanced fitness program attactive to their busy schedules.  Great skills, great learning and a great workout combine to bring flexibility, strength and stamina to our adult students.  This exciting and innovative program offers a step by step approach to strengthening and developing the mind, body and spirit.  Our workouts burn fat, relieve stress, build energy, and teach a very practical approach toward self-defense.  This program will help you become more active and energized, become better focused and better able to achieve balance in your personal and professional life.  This is the ultimate training program for anyone that would like to lead a healthier, happier and more productive life.
Black Belt/Leadership Training Progam
This program is an integral part of continuing to develop our black belt students into models of good character and fine leadership.  We train to build champions and place a strong empahsis on leadership skills.  Self-mastery, leading by example and leadership through positive influence are three core components of this program.  This program provides   advanced training in techniques and life skills for our black belt champions!
Click here to download a copy of our schedule
Click here to download a copy of our schedule
Tae Kwon Do has provided important structure and guidance for my son.  He has developed increased focus and self-dicipline through rising up the belt levels and consequently, his self-confidence has improved dramatically.  We love Tae Kwon Do!
--Tricia Booker, mother of a Junior Student as well as a student herself
My grandson, Ethan, has shown improved concentration and self-discipline since starting these classes.  He enjoys the training and is eager to learn the moves to advance to the next level.
--Judith Stevens, grandmother of a Junior student